Motivation 101 - Getting kids to put in effort to improve

In GGMS and GKBMS the two Kanakapura town schools it was observed the usage of spot prize was not optimal and also at end of november there were still 52 out of 141 students who had not yet acquired the minimum language and arithmetic skills. Our mentor Vyramudi came up with a plan of ensuring proper use of spot prize and linking it with kids acquiring required skills. All the mentors of the Kanakapura went as a team to the two schools and spoke directly to the children as a group and promised them prizes is they put in the effort to acquire the skills. The teachers were also requested to focus on these children with regard to the promised skills.


On 8th and 9th February they went back to the schools with a plan to honur students who have acquired the required skills. When the test was administered it was found that in GGMS 7th std,  there were 25 students who did not have the skills and now there are only 8 students left. In GKBMS school there were 27 students before and now only 12 students are left. Prizes was given to the students by teachers and mentors. A pep talk was given to students who did not make it this time and the schools are very upbeat of reducing the number of children without the basic skills to zero by end of year.